Maiden's Moon

Maiden’s Moon

An online epic fantasy novel, updated every Friday.

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Magick is awakening in the ancient places, evil is stirring in the lightless tunnels carved beneath the sea and the ageless Lord Dewer, self-proclaimed ruler of Armoria, won’t be able to keep control of it all for much longer.

A beautiful, blue-haired stranger has travelled the long distance to Armoria, the greatest city in the world. All she carries with her is a battered panflute that creates a music so haunting and powerful, battle-hardened Vanth is left spellbound after hearing it. But why is she the only one who can see the chilling visions the music invokes, woven from dancing shadows? In the ancient forest of Nymed, a Wild Scrat and her satyr lover face an uncertain future. Lowen dreams of a life with Nicanor, but the world is afraid of his people and he could never leave his woodland home. Not unless he was forced to.

The twin moons of Joria are turning. For countless years the night has shone silver under Mamai’s cold light, but now Aikana has come to the fore and the world will dazzle in her violet glow. The Changing of the Moons heralds a time of unrest and upheaval. Will these three women have the courage to survive their changing world and face the horrors clawing their way out from beneath the earth?


One – The Girl in Artisan Square

Two – The Midnight Bard

Three – A Meeting by Moonlight

Four – Sunset in Kaelunis

Five – Fight or Flight

Six – The Leafling’s Half

Seven – The Tolling of the Bells

Eight – Koth Conwen (Part One)

Eight – Koth Conwen (Part Two)

Nine – The Eternal Library of Thetia

Ten – Kudann (Part One)

Ten – Kudann (Part Two)

Eleven – A Beast in the City (Part One)

Eleven – A Beast in the City (Part Two)

Twelve – A Meeting by Daylight (Part One)

Twelve – A Meeting by Daylight (Part Two)

Thirteen – The Trials of the Frost Prince (Part One)

Thirteen – The Trials of the Frost Prince (Part Two)

Fourteen – An Asrai in Druid’s Clothing (Part One)


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