About Me

About Me

About Me, or Why am I Writing this Web Serial, Anyway?

In my past life, I wrote vampire novels and horror stories. Some of them even got published. But I had always wanted to write a fantasy novel and create one of those sprawling worlds. You know the ones. This world would be scarred by dark cities full of inns and taverns crowded with rowdy ne’er-do-wells. Twisting, maze-like dungeons would crawl beneath the land and sweeping forests would stretch for miles in all directions, populated with trees that sighed with magick. Also, maps. Obviously, there had to be maps. I’d carried parts of that world in my head for years but I didn’t sit down and start to write about it seriously until 2016. Age of Aikana and the world of Joria is the result.

You are welcome to join me on the journey; just be sure to pack plenty of provisions. And for Thetia’s sake, stay away from the shadows. There are monsters lurking there.

Read new chapters of Maiden’s Moon weekly. All comments appreciated!

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